The Aussie Leg Of The Hella Mega Fall Out Boy, Green Day & Weezer Tour Has Been Canned

Go ahead and apologise to your inner 15-year-old emo self, because that mammoth Australian and NZ tour featuring Green DayFall Out Boy and Weezer is officially off the table.

Announced this morning on the Hella Mega Tour socials, the pin was finally pulled on the Aussie and NZ leg of the massive world tour, after the bands had tried their hardest to make the shows work somehow.

“We kept trying to put this piece of the puzzle together,” the statement read.

“Unfortunately it’s just not possible due to the uncertainty of the government COVID-19 travel restrictions, mass gatherings and most importantly for the safety of our fans, crew and staff.”

The tour’s team also confirmed that anyone needing ticket refunds can grab them from where they bought them from.

The down under leg of the massively nostalgia-heavy tour was originally due to go down in arenas across Aus and NZ over November, but because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the strict travel restrictions within the country, it’s now been canned entirely.

Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer have promised they’ll be back over our way at some point in the future, but whether that’s in the shape of this monster of a show isn’t clear.

But hey, at least we can console ourselves with that footage of Green Day making pizzas with Martha Stewart.

The tour has also been postponed in Europe and North America, pushing those dates out to 2021.

May you take this time to quietly fold up your old band shirts and instead spend the rest of the week listening to all your old albums back to back. I can assure you that I still remember every single lyric to From Under The Cork Tree.

Man, this sucks. 2020 can go right ahead and rack off now.