Green Day, Fall Out Boy & Weezer May Have Just Hinted At A Huge Aussie Tour, Holy Shit

Panic stations, people. The RAWRing twenties are in full swing here as Green DayFall Out Boy, and Weezer have all dropped the same hint about touring Australia in the near future.

The three colossal bands have been gearing up for their Hella Mega tour around the world, which kicks off on March 8, and they’ve all just made the exact same hint at Australia on their respective Twitters.




Considering the ma-hoo-ssive tour has locked in dates in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Manila across March, it makes sense, right?

Plus, there’s a very bloody convenient gap between that last show in Tokyo on March 28 and the tour’s next date in Russia on…May 24. Plenty of time to nip over to Australia and New Zealand to play some cheeky little (read: probably enormous) shows.

I can’t talk for the rest of the Pedestrian.TV office but I am very quietly absolutely losing my mind right now. Like, Green Day was my first very big concert back in 2005 (you know the tour, with My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World) and I very much would like to close that loop some 15 years later.

Though nothing has been officially announced yet – and don’t worry we’ll 100% tell you if and when it is – it’s certainly gotten a whole lot of dormant emo stans up and about, I’ll tell ya what.

And please, let that actual announce bring with it another fucking ridiculous deepfake like this one from last year.

Sorry boss I simply cannot think about anything else today. This Green Day/FOB/Weezer news has all-consumed me and if you need me I’ll be straightening my hair in the office bathroom.