WATCH: Man On Plane Wakes Up To Little Shit Silently Plucking His Leg Hair

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, Jim Beam and Diet Coke, cheese and everything.
These are all things that go well together.
Things that don’t go so well together?
Kids and planes.
It’s as if being in the air makes them 100% more obnoxious. They throw tantrums. They run up and down the aisles. They shit themselves. And in some cases, they interfere with other passengers.
A bloke travelling from South Vietnam to North Vietnam found this out the painful way when he was violently awoken by a little Vietnamese boy quietly yanking individual hairs out of his leg.
“I was on a plane from Hanoi to Saigon when I felt a stinging pain on my leg,” passenger Christiano Ochoa said.
“I was asleep and it happened to wake me up … I look and see this kid pulling my leg hairs. I immediately started recording because the situation seemed so absurd.”

Give it a look:
Ochoa uploaded the video of the curious tweezer to YouTube, and has since racked up over 83,000 views.
Cheaper than a wax I guess.
Source: Christiano Ochoa / YouTube.
Photo: Christiano Ochoa / YouTube.