Weezer Drops Cover Of Toto’s ‘Africa’ After Months Of Pressure From 14 Y.O. Fan

The internet is a powerful force for social good. It democratises the possession and dissemination of knowledge (at least in countries that don’t censor the internet). It allows the wealthy and powerful to be scrutinised and criticised freely without the level of distortion and omission ideologically-bent traditional media is subject to (at least where lawfare isn’t involved). It allows nearly any skill to be learned outside of expensive institutions and away from tribalistic professional gatekeepers. It also allows you to bully Weezer into covering Africa by Toto.

The band released their cover after months of campaigning by a 14-year-old Weezer fan named Mary who operating under the very apt Twitter handle ‘@weezerafrica‘.


The band seemingly trolled the campaign roughly a week ago, releasing a cover of a different Toto song in a delightfully oblique pisstake.

Clearly not heartless bastards, though, they released the real thing, specifically shouting out Mary in the video.

Mary told Noisey in December that she started doing it just as a funny little gag:

t was from Weezer was talking about they were inspired for their new album Daydream, what inspired them. So I jokingly said, “Oh I bet they were inspired by ‘Africa’ by Toto for their new album.” . . . It was just an absurd joke. And then I was like, “I wonder if I can get them to cover the song.”

What an incredible example of people using the simple tools they have available to effect massive change in the world around them. Awe-inspiring.