The Foo Fighters Got Forced Out Of The Emmys, And Dave Grohl Is Pissed

Don’t make Dave Grohl angry. You wouldn’t like Dave Grohl when he’s angry.

The Foo Fighters frontman is still recovering from that horrific leg injury he suffered a few months back, which resulted in the creation of the almighty Foo throne, from which he rules rock upon high.
But whilst his mortal bones heal, he – along with the band – have been enjoying the success of Sonic Highways, the HBO mini documentary series that explores the musical history of 8 different American cities, and the process of the band writing and recording studio album of the same name that accompanied the show.
The series was a rousing success, to the point where it was awarded two Emmy Awards in technical categories: Outstanding Sound Editing, and Outstanding Sound Mixing.
The Emmys even went so far as to ask the Foo Fighters to perform during yesterday’s Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, which would’ve made them the first rock band in history to perform at the ceremony.
But, as TMZ learned, the Emmys subsequently pulled the rug out, and Dave was not pleased.

Though Grohl didn’t detail it in the impromptu roadside chat, the story allegedly goes that the band agreed to the performance and wanted to play a song off of Sonic Highways, which – you would think – sorta makes sense.
Except ceremony broadcaster FOX didn’t quite see it that way.
FOX insisted that the band only play half of that song, before turning it into a medley with the business half of their 1999 hit Learn To Fly.
The band refused, insisting that they didn’t want to do a medley, and wanted to perform a track from the work that they were actually nominated for. But the broadcaster didn’t budge, and the Foos were subsequently pulled from the ceremony.
You can certainly sympathise with Grohl for refusing a gruff “Just play the hits!” request. But then again that right there was a prime opportunity to walk on stage and strum out the first few bars of Nirvana‘s “Rape Me” before switching to the Sonic Highways track.
They’re the goddamned FOO FIGHTERS, after all.
Photo: Steve Jennings via Getty Images.

via Uproxx.