Dave Grohl Shares X-Ray Of His Fractured Leg After Swedish Stage Fall

Yesterday, we reported that Dave Grohl took a nasty fall from the stage during a Foo Fighters show in Gothenburg, Sweden, then after receiving medical attention, finished out the set with his leg bandaged up.
At the time, the extent of his injuries was unclear, but earlier today, Grohl shared an x-ray of his leg, confirming that, yep, he did indeed break it pretty good.
What we’re looking at here is a fracture of the distal fibula. Some other ‘f’ words apart from Foo Fighters were probably spoken soon after this happened: 

Per reports in BBC News, Foo Fighters have been forced to cancel two shows – a festival in the Netherlands and a stand-alone gig in Switzerland – while Grohl recuperates.

Photo: Andrew H Walker via Getty Images