Here’s Dave Grohl, Broken Leg And All, Rocking Out Atop A Foo Fighters Throne

Rock ‘n roll doesn’t have injury time.

So when Dave Grohl fell off the stage in Sweden during a Foo Fighters show and broke his leg in a horrible manner, returning to the stage mere minutes later to finish the set was a pretty amazing moment.
That, in and of itself, is all well and good. But at some point after then you’d think taking it easy at home for a couple of weeks while your bones slowly unshatter themselves would be perfectly reasonable.
Not Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl had some business to attend to.
So for the Foo’s July 4th show at the RFK Stadium in Washington D.C., Grohl – purple cast and all – hobbled on stage to sit atop his mighty Foo Fighters Throne; a custom made stage prop complete with guitar neck prongs, stage lighting, and a pretty comfy looking chair.
In short? It looks BADASS.

All hail Grohl. King Foo. Lord of Westerock.
Photo: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images.

via Uproxx.