Dave Grohl Busts Leg In Fall At Foo Fighters Show, Keeps Playing Anyway

Foo Fighters frontman and generally fairly excellent human being Dave Grohl suffered a pretty nasty fall at a concert in Gothenburg, Sweden yesterday. 
According to reports in NME, the singer misjudged his step and tumbled into a gap between the stage and the audience, understandably halting the performance. 
Professional that he is, though, Grohl wasn’t going to let a little thing like a possibly debilitating injury get him down.
“I love you too, motherfuckers,” he said, to the cheers of the crowd. “Now listen, I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke my leg, so look, you have my promise right now that the Foo Fighters are going to come back and finish the show.”
“Right now, I’m going to go to hospital, I’m going to fix my leg, then I’m going to come back and we’re going to play for you again.” You can hear his rousing speech below:
The band played covers while Grohl received medical attention, and then true to his word, he returned and played the rest of the show propped up in a chair with his leg bandaged up. 
It’s unclear whether or not he actually broke anything, but his capacity to rock on is unlikely to be affected.

Photo via Imgur