Spotify Revealed Its Top Aus Artists Of 2020 & The Wiggles Have Toot Tooted Into The Top 5

The Wiggles

Spotify has released its 2020 wrapped list of all the podcasts, songs and artists that we devoured in throughout this hellish year, and the results are something to really gawk at, including a top spot for *checks notes* The Wiggles?

Apart from the fact that Spotify exposes me every year for listening to one album obsessively and nothing else, the algorithms are truly a beautiful thing to behold, and really let us get a look at what the hell everyone was listening to to cope with 2020.

According to Spotify, the most-streamed Aussie artists this year were Hilltop Hoods, Flume, Tones And I, The Wiggles and 5 Seconds of Summer in that order. It bears repeating though, THE WIGGLES are in our top five. Truly iconic. Love this for them.

Apparently, this stat comes from the fact that the band took out the top spot on Spotify Kids, which has boosted their spot on the Aussie charts.

When it comes to most listened Australian tracks of the year, Tones And I has (somehow) taken out the top two spots, and I would like to know who in Mount Martha is responsible for this. Dance Monkey and Never Seen The Rain are in the top two, followed by Live In Life by The Rubens, Rushing Back by Flume and This City by Sam Fischer.

In general, however, our most-streamed artists (who are definitely not Aussie), are Juice WRLD, Drake, Taylor Swift, Eminem and The Weeknd. That’s the perfect concoction to make either a ‘sad hours’ playlist or a ‘punch the drywall’ playlist depending on the song choice, so go us.

Meanwhile, the most played podcasts of the year in Australia were From The Newsroom, The Quicky, Squiz Today, The Joe Rogan Experience and 7am.

And of course, the most shared songs on Instagram include Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and Roses by SAINt JHN thanks to their TikTok popularity this year, and Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish thanks to the fact that I like to let everyone on my stories know that I’m crying.

If you’d like to listen to the top Aussie songs of the year, you can head right here.