Miley Cyrus has dragged Joe Rogan straight to his face in a recent podcast episode and I truly hope he has some ice for that burn.

Cyrus appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on Thursday to promote her upcoming album, but also served her fair share of burns that Rogan simply was not prepared for.

Rogan claimed that all drag queens do the same moves, dropping down and doing the splits (which is *not* an easy thing to do and I’d like to see him try). But Cyrus didn’t hold back in her reply.

“That’s what I think when I’m watching your shows too, you know? All the same stuff,” she clapped back.

The lengthy interview also covered a tonne of juicy Miley Cyrus stories, including that time Billy Ray Cyrus accidentally gave her a pretty brutal head injury, her breakups and her experiences with drugs.

Honestly, the whole interview was just a reminder that Miley Cyrus is a strong woman and we were unfairly brutal to her. She’s just out here putting in the work to be a better human and make the world a better place and society just ridicules her every chance we get.

And let’s be real here, nothing quite compares to seeing Joe Rogan roasted on his own podcast.

You simply love to see it.

You can watch the whole interview here to hear more about her crazy life stories.