That Spice Girls World Tour (Yes, Including Aus) Might Be Back On For 2021 So Zig-A-Zig-Ah

Dig out those hugely 90s platform sneakers from the back of your wardrobe, it’s looking like the Spice Girls will kick off massive world tour in 2021 – that actually includes Australa – to celebrate 25 years of spicing up our lives. TWENTY. FIVE. YEARS.

As reported by The Sun (so please take it with a grain of salt cos we’ve 100% been burnt before) a near-complete lineup of the original Spice Girls will head out on a world tour in 2021, commemorating a whole quarter of a century of pop perfection.

Absolutely no guesses as to who’s likely not going to join them at this stage though – yep rumour has it that Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham won’t be joining Ginger (aka Geri Horner), Sporty (aka Melanie C), Scary (aka Mel B) or Baby (aka Emma Bunton) on this one again. Just like the Spice World tour back in 2019. Are we surprised? Absolutely not.

This tour apparently actually does include Australia, after Mel B went rogue and announced it at their run of shows in the UK in 2019, and then said she was fibbing, and then Geri said the Aus tour wasn’t happening. Confused? Yeah, same.

Though there’s no official confirmation from the Spice Girls gang just yet, we’re holding onto every scrap of hope that this is legitimately happening. Please. We just need something to look forward to for once.

The proposed 2021 Spice Girls tour will hit Europe, North America, and Australia, while also making a movie about their 25th year as one of the most-loved pop groups. Oh my god please let this be a brilliant sequel to ‘Spice World‘, which is definitely a documentary and I refuse to hear otherwise.

Obviously we’ll 100% keep you updated when we get more information about this, because it is undeniably HUGE, and Lord knows we need a win this week/month/year.

Until then, I’ll be digging out the old Spice album I’ve got somewhere and immediately unlocking that bit of my brain where all the songs’ lyrics are stored.