Nollsie, The Sly Dog, Roasted The Bejeezus Out Of Guy Sebastian With His Own Meme

On the extreme off chance you become a meme, you’ll fairly quickly be faced with a pair of options: Shy away, and try and continue your life as normally as you possibly can, or lean way the hell in and have fun with it while it lasts. Nollsie, the absolute lad, is apparently doing the latter right now.

[jwplayer Wuw8HwZt]

Already acutely aware of his meme status – which you can watch and read about right here thanks to PEDESTRIAN.TV’s exclusive web series 15 Minutes! – the man born Shannon Noll has used his powers purely for good by burning the living christ out of chief Idol thief Guy Sebastian on social media last night.

During the broadcast, Sebastian – who took home two gongs on the night – quipped that there was “no shame in coming second,” and that you should “just ask Nollsie.”

Live tweeting the bulk of the broadcast, Nollsie returned serve in almighty fashion, going as blue as the Condobolin sky in not only giving Guy an absolute rev up, but in letting everyone know just how the wife’s going as well.

Nollsie you dog! You bloody weapon! You fucken rootrat mate! You old bag of tricks! You tricky dicky! You snake in the grass! You dirty shagger! You toey old prick! You filthy cock! You sly fox! You horny goat! You randy ratbag! You piece of work! You cummy bastard! You big balled baboon! You testy old twat! You humping hippo! You cunning linguist! You sick sonofabitch!

Ya simply gotta love Nollsie, really. An absolute character of the highest order.

And hey! If you feel like watching a little bit of Nollsie in action, swinging swords around and whatnot as you do, why not check out our episode of 15 Minutes with The Great Man himself right now?

It’s good for what ails ya, I tell you what.