Guy Sebastian Has 100% Rekt Nollsie With A Cheeky Crazy Horse Parody

Whenever we talk about the contestants of our nation’s first ever round of Australian Idol, it’s always about Shannon Noll – the runner up who decided not-so-subtly that he wanted a cover of What About Meto be his first single, and subsequently went on to rival James Van Der Beek in being the ultimate personified meme.

Nollsie remained relevant in 2K17 after he was arrested earlier this year outside the iconic Adelaide strip club Crazy Horse (he asked the seccies if they knew who he was, because obviously he wouldn’t be in this pickle if they were aware of his levels of fame). 
For unnecessary reference, this is Nollsie. 
Little time is spent on the actual winner of Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian – probably because he’s had a relatively impressive, but slow, rise to fame, with little drama, a stint at Eurovision, a few collabs with Lupe Fiasco, and a lot of Christianity
This is Guy, as we first knew him. 
But now, the stars have aligned – reigniting the feud of Guy and Nollsie circa 2003 with a cheeky Facebook post that has made me realise Guy Sebastian is a comic genius/is responsible for staging the best thing on the internet this year. I’m calling it. 
Your eyes do not deceive you. This is Guy Sebastian taking the supreme piss out of Nollsie’s aforementioned arrest in January – going so far as to recruit a real security official at what looks like an airport, which is risky and awesome.  
Considering social media punters weren’t ready anyway to let Nollsie off the hook, Guy is just another slightly more famous internet user playfully trolling the bloke. 
Extraordinary stuff. We will most certainly update you if this story develops. 
Source and Photo: Facebook / Guy Sebastian.