Kyle Sandilands Pranks Poor Nollsie With ‘Voicemail’ From ADL’s Crazy Horse

As you’re probably aware of by now, former Australian Idol contestant Shannon Noll was arrested outside strip club Crazy Horse Revue in Adelaide last week. 
Poor Nollsie was filmed being arrested, and witnesses say he was yelling ‘I’m Shannon Noll, let me back into the Crazy Horse‘, which this Adelaide-born writer believes to possibly be one of the grimmest sentences ever uttered. I’m talking from the beginning of the existence of the human race, up to this very point in time. 
Obviously, Kyle Sandilands decided to prank Nollsie after this, due to the fact that kicking a fellow human when they’re down is extremely on brand for the dickish shock jock.
On the ‘Kyle & Jackie O Show’ on KIIS FM yesterday morning, Kyle left Nollsie a voicemail pretending to be a female dancer from the venue, telling him he still needs to settle the bill. 
“Hey Nollsie, it’s Bambi from the strip club in Adelaide. 

Darl you never settled your lap dance account so if you could just give us a call down here at Crazy Horse Adelaide. You know the number Nollsie.

I need a card or something to swipe it on. I know normally you’d like to give cash but we need a card or something over the phone. 

Okay darl, can’t wait to see you next time.”
He then begins to sing what he believes is Shannon Noll‘s track ‘Drive‘, but fucks it all up and accidentally sings ‘Shut Up and Drive‘ by Rihanna
Watch below: 

Nollsie faces court on on February 24, which is only one day before his sold out show at Bribie Island in Queensland.
He was charged with two counts of assault during the incident. 
Kyle Sandilands has been charged with nothing, due to the fact that a person can’t be put in jail for being a complete twat. 
Source: KIIS FM.
Photo: KIIS FM & Ian Hitchcock / Getty.