Shannon Noll allegedly wanted to be let back into The Crazy Horse, but he definitely didn’t want to head back to Adelaide today.

The Australian Idol runner-up and latter-day memelord was absent from his first scheduled court appearance, after he allegedly biffed with a member of the South Aussie strip club’s security staff last month. 

Noll was set to face an assault charge at Adelaide Magistrate’s Court today over the incident, but his legal team managed to exempt the Condobolin boy from bringing his goatee back to the 5000.

The singer’s lawyer requested the court pardon his no-show due to the “significant disclosure provided already,” and asked to shift proceedings to a pre-trial hearing. 

That move was okayed. However, the magistrate did ponder whether to set up an arrest warrant that’d activate should Noll work his way out of the next court date. 

Nollsie’s lawyer walked that one back, but damn. Can you imagine: Shannon Noll. On the lam. A modern-day Ned Kelly, but with less cop-killing, and more burly rock ballads.

As it stands, the matter will go before court again in April. Better hope that appearance falls between his gigs with bloody Icehouse, hey? 

Source: Sean Fewster / Twitter / The Advertiser. 
Photo: Shannon Noll / Instagram.