Nollsie’s Crazy Horse Assault Charges Got Dropped & He Is Bloody Stoked

Remember that wild few weeks at the start of the year when Shannon Noll, a.k.a. Nollsie a.k.a. Australia‘s favourite social media star a.k.a. any chance you could return me treadmill thanks mate, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a bouncer outside Adelaide strip club the Crazy Horse? Because he allegedly wasn’t allowed back into the Crazy Horse after being kicked out?
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And then he went and pulled a bunch of larrikin stunts that made us love him to death even as we were kind of conflicted because assault is serious, Nollsie, but jeez you’re a laugh?
Well do away with that cognitive dissonance, fellow members of Facebook group Shannon Noll was robbed of winning hit TV show Australian Idol 2003, because all the charges against him have been dropped.
In fact, Shazz didn’t even show up to the Adelaide Magistrates Court to see his case get thrown out. Probably busy borrowing someone’s oven mitt and forgetting to return it.
He’d been charged with one basic count of assault after witnesses reported that he’d had an altercation with security outside the club, during which he allegedly yelled the now-immortal line: “I’m Shannon Noll, let me back into the Crazy Horse.”
You’re always welcome in the Crazy Horse of our hearts, Nollsie.

Source: Daily Telegraph.
Image: Facebook / Shannon Noll.