ICYMI, Tones And I’s ARIA Awards Speech Was Sincere And 100% Worth Your Time

There were two ARIA Awards ceremonies last night. One was an eyeball-smashing celebration of the pop music machine, which saw a host of international juggernauts churn out the hits. The other was honest, quiet, and dare we say, a bit more vulnerable – and it mostly took place when Australian chart-topper Tones And I took to the stage to accept her Best Female Artist award.

We’re sure you’re aware of Toni Watson‘s meteoric rise from Byron Bay busker to record-breaking artist. Even if you weren’t, her speech suggested she is still acclimatising to her fame. With trembling hands, Tones And I read from a folded sheet of paper, expressing her thanks to fans who’ve adopted her “just the way that I am”:

Sometimes I don’t that that I’m the most relatable female artist. I’m not into make-up or dresses, or typically girly things. But, to me, those things don’t really define what it is to be a female artist in this industry anymore. It’s being brave and courageous, and true to yourself. No-one could have ever prepared me for the whole world judging me and comparing me to other artists. But what’s most important is that you have to be a good person and care about others and carry yourself well… And thank you to Australia, for letting me know I’m okay just the way that I am.

Her speech resonated with fans watching from home, with punters expressing their thanks to one of the more unique voices in Aussie music:


She went on to win another three spikes, but you can catch her initial speech in full here from the 30:50 mark.