Shannon Noll has had an interesting career arc: he was robbed the runner up in 2003’s ‘Australian Idol‘ and subsequently vanished into obscurity, but he’s recently surged right back into the social consciousness as something of a weird, possibly ironic folk hero.

Who gives a fuck about Guy Sebastian (sorry if you’re reading this Guy, I didn’t mean that) when we have our good-natured, pseudo-country heartthrob who perfectly represents pretty much all of the weirdness of the early 2000s? No one does.

Wisely, our mate Nollsie has leaned into this, and is skyrocketing back into the charts (possible exaggeration) with a musical comeback the likes of which the world has never seen (again, possible exaggeration).

What does this comeback look like? Check out his latest banger:

It’s got all the hallmarks of a great pop hit: autotune, electronic drums and lyrics that could be about literally anything at all.

Clearly it’s a song of epic historical significance that will be cherished for generations to come, and, amazingly, you’ve got a chance to own a historic piece of this soon-to-be iconic video clip: the “NOLLSIE1” number plate from the front of the ute.

Disappointingly, it is not an actual, legal number plate, but it is dirty and has some writing on it, if that sweetens the pot:

“Sure, it’s not a legal registration plate that you can use on your vehicle, but it’s a true blue piece of Aussie memorabilia – signed by Nollsie himself and complete with dirt from the road!”

If you’re absolutely certain your house would be basically a disgusting shithole without this incredible piece of rare merch, you can enter the competition here.

Photo: YouTube.