Shannon Noll Graciously Meets With Overzealous Fan, Billy Ray Cyrus

Today, stars aligned when Shannon Noll & Billy Ray Cyrus met on set of Channel 10’s breakfast talk-show, Studio 10. And ol’ Billy was very excited.

It all happened when Nollsie performed ‘Southern Sky’, his latest slapper off new album Unbroken. Billy Ray heard the soulful, acoustic rendition from backstage and went running in the ad break to find the man behind the tune that spoke to him so clearly.

And Studio 10, knowing they were witnessing history, kept the camera rolling:

Billy, completely enraptured, goes straight in for the hug. He gushes out the compliments, saying “your voice is amazing”, comparing Nollsie to Canadian country legend Bryan Adams.

Nollsie, of course, is gracious and tells Billy he’s been a fan since he was a wee lad. We’re not going to outright say he’s lying to appease his new biggest fans, but Nollsie, please name three of Billy Ray’s albums.

And why is Billy Ray out in Australia? He’s currently touring the country. Our boi Ray Hadley (read: not our boi) tried to grill the singer earlier today on-air about a hot rumour that Miley might join him on-stage this weekend at the Hunter Valley, but he wouldn’t budge. Don’t give ’em nothing for free, Billy.

Nollsie has, however, granted us a free show. If you’d like to watch the performance that changed Billy Ray’s life forever, you can do so here.

Folks, there is nothing quite like legends supporting legends. My heart is full. My pores revitalised. Save these selfies in a safe spot and look at them in times of need.

Image credit: Studio 10