Kanye West Is Now Doing Karaoke With Mark Zuckerberg Because ???

Riddle me this, folks: Why on earth is Kanye West openly bragging about doing private room karaoke with what appears to be Mark Zuckerberg?

Perhaps he’s finally finding peace and humility in life’s little pleasures. Perhaps he’s embracing an inner love of trashy pop music in order to further his own musical research. Perhaps he got thrown into the big Facebook Brain Warp machine in Palo Alto and the button got stuck and Zuckerberg now just kinda has to keep him within arm’s reach at all times to prevent him from suing.

Whatever the case, here it is. In living colour. With no doubt about it at all.


The word “we” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there because be damned if anyone other than Kanye in that photo is doing any actual singing.

So what the blue hell is going on there? Is there a karaoke facility at Facebook’s campus? Is Kanye trying to do his own Lost In Translation thing and he dragged the literal closest people he could find which just-so-happened to be tech execs? Is he using karaoke facilities to bone up for a Backstreet Boys cover album?

Whatever the case, here’s the absolute dirt truth of the matter: I would now pay an absurd amount of money to go to a smokey bar with public karaoke to watch a morose Kanye West mumble his way through sad bastard country tunes all night. A fact I did not know to be true about myself until just now.

Ye perched on a creaky bar stool nursing a Lone Star bottle and a crumpled cigarette groaning his way through Country Roads while the seven other people in the tiny Colorado mountain town bar shell peanuts and scoff at a football game on a flickering TV? My god.

Who the hell do I give every cent I’ve ever had to make that happen?