The PM Said Kanye West Will Need To Be Double-Vaxxed If He Plans To Come Down Under For Donda

In an interaction of public figures that can only be described as ‘cursed’ Scott Morrison has said that Kanye West (aka Ye) will have to be fully-vaxxed if he wants to do his rumoured Donda tour in March.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether Kanye is fully vaccinated or not. Back in 2020 he gave an interview to Forbes where he was sceptical of vaccines.

To put it more bluntly, he called vaccines “the mark of the beast” which is strong language for life-saving medicine, but I digress.

Then, in late 2021 he said in a YouTube interview that he’d had one dose of the vaccine. So, whether he’s single-vaxxed, double-vaxxed or still believes vaccines are the work of the devil (as opposed to, you know, the work of incredible scientists) is unclear ATM.

On Saturday, Scott Morrison commented on the possibility of Kanye West entering the country on his Donda tour. Because getting into public spats with celebrities is definitely the most important thing for him to be doing right now.

Speaking at a news conference in Queensland, Morrison said that the rules around vaccinations applied to “everyone”.

“The rules are you have to be fully vaccinated. Those are the rules. They apply to everybody, as people have seen most recently,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, they are the rules. Follow the rules, you can come. You don’t follow the rules, you can’t.”

Just DM him, Scott.

Morrison’s references to recent event clearly seems to reference the whole Novak Djokovic visa saga. Because the government did such a good job at sorting that mess out quickly!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the decision about whether Kanye will be given a visa in the hands of Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. You’ll probably remember him as a main character in the Djokovic situation.

“The Minister for Immigration will make a decision on this like he does on all visas and it will be very much done with the proper diligence and a decision taken which shows that he needs to apply in accordance to the rules, as it is for everyone,” said Minister for Trade and Tourism Dan Tehan.

“But I wouldn’t like to say anything more on this that in any way might prejudice his decision.”

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley said that he didn’t know Ye’s vaccination status but he’d been advised that “apparently Mr West claims to be vaccinated”.

Interestingly, people who attended some of the official listening parties for Donda could get a dose of Pfizer while they were there. If the tour goes ahead, I reckon there should deffo be a mobile vaccine van alongside the merch stand.

T-shirt and a booster jab? The perfect combo.