The Jonas Brothers Have Finally Reunited, Which Is Huge For 13-Year-Old You

The Jonas brothers as a familial group never left, but The Jonas Brothers… They are definitely back. Brother.

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The Disney stars-turned-pop band, whose recent years have been defined by high-profile weddings or relative obscurity, have announced their first new track since their 2013 split.

Taking to Instagram, Nick Jonas confirmed the rumours, revealing the family band’s very colourful and sideburn-free new look. Oh, there’s also the title of the upcoming tune: Sucker.

He also revealed a wonderfully lo-fi version of the same reunion announcement, featuring a spartan black-and-white poster.

Of course, because no boy band can make an announcement without a co-sign from James Corden, the gang hopped in for a little Carpool Karaoke session. Keep an ear out for a Sucker snippet, folks.

It’s yet to be seen what kind of foothold the reformed Jonas Brothers can take in the modern pop universe, because a fair bit has happened since the trio went their separate ways six years ago.

The Jonas Brothers’ kid’s TV contemporaries like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and longtime friend of Jonas Demi Lovato have accrued considerable success as adult artists, while even the most banal pop artists now have court-mandated Quavo features.

The new tune arrives at midnight ET, which equates to 4pm Saturday for us Australians. Get keen, and power up the corner of your brain dedicated to the fact there’s actually a bonus Jonas brother too young to have been included in the original act.