As the world continues to froth uncontrollably for ‘Shallow‘ in the lead up to the Academy Awards, your boy Nick Jonas has stepped up with the acoustic cover that we never knew we wanted until right this minute.

He posted the video to his Instagram earlier today, and he’s very much giving off the vibe of that one dude at the party who grabs a guitar that just ‘happened’ to be lying around, and proceeds to melt hearts by soulfully serenading everyone.

You can add this little number to the pile that also includes the powerhouse cover of ‘Shallow’ that Kelly Clarkson recently pulled out. It’s cheesy, but we have to say, it’s working for us. You can go ahead and check it out below:

If this has awakened your dormant thirst for Nick Jonas, well you’re in luck. Recent reports suggest that he and his musically-inclined brothers are reuniting under the name JONAS to bring you new music at some point this year.

An unnamed source said: “After enjoying solo music success and taking time to work on passion projects, they feel that now is the right time to get back together.” Honestly, we are very ready for whatever this reunion turns out to be.

Image: AAP / Jordan Strauss