Good God, The Dan Andrews ‘Get On The Beers’ Remix Nearly Hit #1 On The iTunes Charts

get on the beers remix charts

To really cap off this ridiculous year, the Get On The Beers remix from Mash’d N Kutcher has absolutely shot up the iTunes charts this week, and it looks like it peaked pretty bloody high.

After the Brisbane party boy duo – comprised of Matt Minor and Adam Morris –  uploaded the unholy holy grail of lockdown anthems to streaming services this week, it immediately found its way up the Aussie charts.

As of yesterday (October 29), the Mash’d N Kutcher lads clocked that the Get On The Beers remix cracked the top five and ended up sitting very pretty at number 2 on the iTunes charts – which I’m just absolutely baffled by.

I mean there’s a high chance it was just bulk-streamed at exactly 11.59pm on Tuesday night, and good lord how I wish to see the data on how much that song spiked when the Melbourne lockdowns eased.

This is undoubtedly 100% everything we deserve this year. This is the week that we as Melburnians have been able to Get Back On The Beers, and it’s only right that Victoria’s new state anthem has absolutely zoomed up the charts. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

The moment that Victorian Premier Dan Andrews uttered the words ‘not time to get on the beers’ back in March, a meme was born. From there, it’s been a sounding board for Victorians to know how things are going with the state’s coronavirus situation – like a yardstick of measurement for when we can release a collective sigh and start to let our hair down a bit.

Look, it’s pretty much a catchy, dancey version of only of my favourite Simpsons scenes.

get on the beers melbourne chartsAm I wrong?

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Apple Music Australia to confirm just how high the Mash’d N Kutcher remix reached on the official charts, so we’ll keep you updated on the official numbers.

In a hell of an update, Apple Music let me know that the Mash’d N Kutcher remix is currently sitting at #79 on Apple Music’s dance charts, and wedged right in at #3 on the iTunes dance charts. Hooly dooly, day for it.