Some legend on TikTok created a dance to a Gladys Berejiklian press conference remix and now I know what I’m going to spend my weekend learning.

Bronte Crawley created the TikTok to a remix by another TikToker called Danny Stern. It’s the only time I’ve been able to listen to a Gladys presser and actually enjoy it, most of the time I just want to hurl myself into space.

It’s a much needed laugh after the state recorded 390 cases today. Of those cases, 58 were infectious in the community and 43 were in the community for part of their infectious period.


Petition for Glady B to learn this dance for the next press conference. #gladys #auspol #dance #nswhealth

♬ original sound – Danny Stern

Have a listen of the original remix below:


Another day, another NSW press conference #gladysberejiklian #nswlockdown #covid #nsw #sydneylockdown #gladys #kerrychant #bradhazzard #covidaus

♬ original sound – Danny Stern

As much as the track is a bop-and-a-half, I have to admit that ‘Get On The Beers’ by Mashd N Kutcher is the superior press conference track.

The track was so popular that it made it to number #12 on the Triple J Hottest 100 this year. Not only that, but it even cracked #2 on the iTunes charts (ahead of David Guetta and Sia), it also clocked 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

Considering how much Gladys Berejiklian has bungled the lockdown this year, I would be very surprised if she manages to crack The Hottest 100 or the iTunes charts.