This Perth Festival Losing Their Minds Over The Get On The Beers Remix Makes Me Miss Revs

dan andrews

We’ve had some pretty wild moments in Australian politics this year, with Bill Shorten calling ScoMo a simp, all the shit that’s happening with Gladys Berejiklian right now and Scott Morrison and his bloody chicken coops. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has been more iconic than Dan Andrews telling us to get on the beers.

Beers. Beers. Beers. Get on the beers.

If you told me that a remix of the now-iconic Get On The Beers speech would be playing at a Perth festival while punters quite literally get on the beers (and probably a lot more), I would’ve told you you’re an idiot. But now I guess I’ll just go eat my foot because it’s happened! It bloody happened!

Take a look.

While we’re all in lockdown, our West Australian mates are having MUSIC! FESTIVALS! Huge, I know.

The iconic footage was taken at Hot Dub Wine Machine this weekend, which is quite frankly where I’d rather be.

This is 2020, baby. West Australians, who probably wouldn’t have even known who Dan Andrews was prior to the pandemic are now busting a move to the sweet, sweet sounds of him telling us to get on the beers. Who’da thunk it, honestly? Not me.

Can Dan Andrews be nominated for the Triple J Hottest 100? Because Get On The Beers deserves the top spot this year.

This is now the anthem for our return to COVID-normal. Perth festival goers have had a boogie to it, but can you *imagine* how much this song is going to be thrashed in Melbourne nightclubs when we’re allowed out again? It’s going to be sheer madness.

To be quite honest, I think Dan Andrews owes it to all Melburnians to give us a guest DJ set at Revs on the first weekend back to COVID-normal. It is truly what we deserve.

Although we can’t get to the pub just yet, there’s nothing stopping you from getting on the beers with another household while socially distanced at your local park.

Park beers. You truly are hearing it more and more these days.