Somebody Made A Vid Of Dan Andrews Instructing Us To Do “A Massive Line” & Drink 127K Beers

dan andrews beers

Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this truly incredible video of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews telling us all to “have a big line” and “get on the beers.” 127 beers, to be precise.

The video is comprised of a number of Dan Andrews’ coronavirus-related press conferences and hoo boy, this is art.

“Would you guys all like to go and get on the beers?” the incredible video by Eden Richards begins.

We’ve already seen people remix the now-infamous “get on the beers” line, including this *chefs kiss* Mash’d N Kutcher song that’ll definitely be playing at every pub across Australia when everything opens back up.

But somehow, the internet has managed to outdo themselves once again with this iconic video.

“First course on the menu: have a massive line, as I think they should be,” the spliced video of Andrews says.

It’s only 58-seconds long, but what it lacks in length, it sure makes up for in amazing quotes. It’s been a tough year for Victorians, and a Premier who instructs us to drink 127,000 beers is exactly what we need (and deserve) right now.

“Do the right thing for your family and get on the beers. And it’s not like its one or two beers, 127,000 beers from case to case, I probably can’t add any more than that.”

It’s important to note that Dan Andrews isn’t *actually* instructing you to get on the beers (yet). As of midnight tomorrow, you’ll be free to see up to 5 people inside your home, but the Premier made it clear that this isn’t an excuse to throw a dinner party every night of the week.

Soon enough, the pub will return and we’ll all be getting on the beers once again. But in the mean time, we’ve all got this video to sum up exactly how we all feel about the pub being closed.

“If they don’t get on the beers, then people will die.”

It’s me. I am “people”. If I don’t get on the beers soon, I will die.