Some Absolute Legend Made The Dan Andrews ‘Beers’ Remix Into A Full-Blown Christmas Light Show

Holy shit, someone has turned that incredible Dan Andrews ‘Get On The Beers’ tune into a full-blown Christmas light extravaganza and I have never seen such perfection.

The Christmas lights located in Melbourne’s West flash in multi-coloured unison with the ‘Get On The Beers’ remix. They even went to the effort of making the lyrics flash across the front of the house, and oh boy I admire the sheer effort that went into setting that up.

You can watch a video of the Christmas lights in action here.

The best part is that if you’re a Victorian, you can go visit these wonderfully-chaotic lights. The lights are located in Kings Park, about 40 mins from the city (near Taylors Lakes).

In April this year (which honestly feels like a lifetime ago) Vic Premier Dandrews famously said at a press conference that we couldn’t get on the beers.

“You won’t be able to go to the pub, because the pub is shut. That doesn’t mean you can have all your mates around to home, and get on the beers. That’s not appropriate. It’s not essential, it’s not needed and all it will do is spread the virus,” Dan said.

But of course, a couple of geniuses decided to take that conference and make a shit-hot remix out of it.

YouTubers Mash’d N Kutcher are the brains behind our new Ausssie anthem, and have made two other versions since the original went viral.

One of the remixes came after Dan announced that pubs in Melbourne could reopen from October 27, and we could all ~officially~ get back on the beers.

One reporter even asked the question on all of our lips: can we “finally get back on the beers?”

However, Dan said he’d be reaching something a little higher on the shelf.

That same remix hit number two on the iTunes charts, ahead of David Guetta and Sia. WTF.

Well if anyone needs me, I’ll be looking at the Dandrews Chrissy lights.

Location details for the lights can be found here.