Dan Andrews has fronted up to the media for his daily COVID briefing, announcing the changes that will come into effect in Melbourne from 11.59pm tonight.

The premier had earlier promised that today’s changes would be “significant”, but would not go as far as many had hoped, given the rolling 14-day average of cases.

In announcing the changes, Dan Andrews said that as of 11.59pm in metropolitan Melbourne:

  • There will be no time limit on levying home for exercise or socialising
  • Hairdressers will reopen
  • The 5km travel limit will be extended to 25kn
  • Outdoor gatherings will increase to 10 people from two households
  • Tennis, skate parks and golf will open, subject to COVID-safe guidelines
  • Real estate auctions will occur with a maximum of 10 people
  • Commercial real estate inspections can occur
  • Pools will open with a maximum of 10 swimmers
  • Non-essential outdoor home maintenance and repairs will be allowed, including house painting with a maximum of five workers
  • Solo or automatic car washing and pool cleaning will return
  • Mobile and home pet grooming will return
  • Outdoor photography will be allowed
  • A full return of allied health esrices

From 11.59 pm on November 1 in Melbourne, Dan Andrews said:

  • The four reasons to leave home will be removed
  • A max of max 2 people plus dependents will be able to visit homes once a day
  • Retail will reopen
  • Dining will reopen, with a limit of 50 people outside and 20 inside
  • Contact and non-contact sports will recommence
  • A max of 20 people will be allowed for outdoor religious gatherings
  • A max of 10 people will be allowed at weddings
  • A max of 20 mourners will be allowed at funerals
  • Outdoor seated entertainment can host a maximum of 50 people or 25 per cent of the venue’s fixed seat capacity

Dan Andrews finished by telling reporters that Melbourne is on track for a COVID-safe summer, and there’s only “a little longer to go to defeat this second wave”.

Image: Getty Images / Darrian Traynor