The Gallagher Boys Have Made Up & It’s The Perfect Xmas Present, Innit

Call it a festive miracle, call it a change of heart, call it a sheer stroke of dumb luck. Whatever the label, the contents remain the same: The Gallagher Brothers have made up, just in time for Christmas.

It’s a general inevitability of life – along with death and taxes – that Liam and Noel Gallagher will be furiously biffing on with each other over some indeterminate shit; a good old-fashioned sibling stoush is as much in the blood of the Mancunian lads as the sky blue of City, after all.

But if you were wondering if the long-simmering feud between the two Oasis boys was going to overawe yet another Gallagher family Christmas, there’s good news for you.

Liam confirmed on Twitter this morning that the war is over, extending his best wishes to “team NG” and expressing an incredibly adorable keenness to catch up with Noel tomorrow.

And just so there’s no confusion on the matter, Liam clarified that the biff is, indeed, on ice.

Unbelievable scenes. A true Christmas gift.

What’s spurned this one on? A sudden change of heart from the Gallagher boys? A realisation that no good comes from holding onto anger, particularly when it’s aimed at family? A gentle softening of an otherwise steely demeanour as both of them move into middle age?

Or, far more likely, Mum’s picked up the blower and told the pair of them to sort their shit out because she will not – she WILL NOT – have another family Christmas ruined with their petty rockstar crap.

You can’t let Mum down, after all.

‘Course our money’s still on them sinking 8 Newcastle Brown Ales each and being back at each others throats before the pudding comes out.

The sun rises, the Gallaghers brawl, the sun sets. It’s the natural order of things.