Liam Gallagher Hung Shit On Noel By Getting A Fan To Peel Spuds At A Gig

Liam and Noel Gallagher are the most precious gift to the music industry, and must be protected at all costs. The Mancunian brothers are the standard-bearers for petty sibling bickering, shit-stirring, and oneupmanship, and their verbal barbs are worthy of enshrining in the national library.

But it’s not just their vocal taunts that are solid, spun gold. Lord, no. The pair’s occasional propensity for physical piss-taking is similarly legendary, albeit a little less frequently seen.

Nevertheless, Liam’s lobbed a grenade well and truly over the fence and into Noel’s yard at a recent gig, making fun of some of the ah… unique creative choices that his brother’s made.

Those of you following along with the Gallagher antics (should be all of you, frankly) will know that Noel, along with his High Flying Birds, appeared on Later… with Jools Holland not too long ago, bringing along a full band that featured…

…well, it featured someone “playing” a pair of scissors.

Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip.

Chief among those utterly baffled by this choice of backing instrument was Liam, who decided to one-up Noel by inviting a member of *his* audience to expand their creative palates by peeling a few mid-gig spuds.

Ask and ye shall receive, Liam.

Never underestimate both a) The Gallagher’s willingness to stoop to unheard-of levels to hang shit on one another, and b) Totally random people’s willingness to pile onto something completely ridiculous purely for the sake of a gag.

This is bloody wonderful. In a world where everything else is going intensely bung, thank christ we’ve got the Gallaghers.

We’ll always have the Gallaghers.