Liam Gallagher Fans Are Shocked To Learn His Real Name & Honestly Same

It’s being reported that some Oasis fans have been shocked to learn Liam Gallagher‘s real name, and ACTUALLY SAME.

Apologies to super nerds who already knew this, but it turns out that Liam’s first name isn’t actually Liam. It’s William. His full name is William John Paul Gallagher.

The Sun reports that William‘s Irish parents chose to raise him as Liam, which is a traditionally Irish shortening of the name.

And as for his middle names – they’re an obvious Beatles tribute. Liam has even described himself jokingly as the reincarnation of John Lennon, despite being born eight years before the Beatle’s death.

Again, *some* fans are shocked. Not all fans, like the ones that live and breathe the Gallagher brothers. Just some (like most of us, tbh).

He’s hardly the first artist to perform under a different name, nor is he the first person to go by a nickname in public. (You think Bear Grylls‘ parents named him Bear? It’s Edward. And Elton John had the famously unattractive name of Reggie Dwight before changing it at the start of his career.)

And it’s also not like the name Liam isn’t a name in its own right. Liam Payne? Born a Liam. Ditto Liam Hemsworth and Liam Neeson.

People are allowed to be shocked.

Anyway. Thus concludes today’s very important celebrity news. As you were WG x.