Liam Gallagher Accuses Noel Of Stealing Oasis Songs

The tumultuous relationship between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher shows no signs of relenting. In Chapter 14 of the saga, entitled ‘Plagiarism’, Liam accuses Noel of stealing Oasis songs for his own solo album.

While details of Noel’s solo debut remain unknown, with no tracklisting or release date yet available, Liam believes his vocals make up most of his brother’s record. He claims the songs which were recorded during sessions for Oasis’s final album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ (2008), will feature on the album.

In a recent interview, he told Uncut Magazine:”I’ve heard his fucking new record ‘cos I fucking sung on half of it,” Liam said. “When I was in America for Dig Out Your Soul, he swiped some because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album. So he can talk all the bullshit about, ‘Oh, I was intimidated,’ and all that. Fucking nonsense. Behave. He knows. The people know. And I know.”

Alan McGee, who signed Oasis to Creation Records in the 1990s, has reportedly heard two of Noel’s new tracks and has backed Liam’s claims. Yet he’s also praised the new material, saying it sounds reminiscent of Oasis circa 1995, ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’

“The work sounds like the trademark generic template of Oasis… Minimalistic, but very anthemic, to be loved by someone 21-years old or 50-years old,” he said. (Note: in a separate interview with Mojo Magazine, Liam says Noel’s album includes “songs for 50 year olds”).”As far as it sounding like Oasis, well, any band can sound like anything. Kraftwerk could release an acid house album. But if Liam’s saying that then he must be telling the truth.”

It’s unsure how Liam knows all of these intimate details about his brother’s so far classified album, especially since the pair hasn’t spoken to each other in some time. “I haven’t spoken to him; I haven’t seen him. It’s very hush-hush round his camp,” Liam admitted. “I put up with 18 years of that fucker… I’m sure it will all be very civilized and grown-up. His gigs will be like those that you can really stroke your chin at. With four rent-a-Scousers wearing shell-suits.”

Liam told Mojo that Oasis fans should “let go of the Oasis dream.” “It’s like wanting your girlfriend back after she’s fucked you off. You’ll end up getting yourself ill.”

Liam plays frontman to Beady Eye, which formed last year with Oasis’s remaining members. The band is set to release their first official single, ‘The Roller’ on February 21 and their debut album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ short after, on February 28.

Stay tuned for the next chapter kids.

Via The Independent