Liam Gallagher Reignites Oasis Beef With Snarky-Ass Tweet At Old Mate Noel

We’re not sure what would become of Oasis‘ legacy if its two captains, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, ever actually reconciled their differences to revive the Britpop juggernaut. After all, the band’s history – outside of hijacking the phrase “after all” – is one of intense, decades-long beef.

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Nevertheless, Liam took the opportunity this morning to once again ask his sibling to “get the BIG O back together”, igniting a little bit of hope in the hearts of everyone who has ever worn an anorak and circular sunglasses at the same time.

In a Twitter post riffing on Noel’s apparent espousal of booze, Liam said “the drinks are on me”. 

He then sent this convincing follow-up:

The post comes months after the pair appeared to thaw relations over the Christmas break, which also provided long-suffering Oasis fans a smidge of optimism about the band’s return.

Will this one pan out? Unlikely, really. Both brothers have their own musical projects on the go; Liam’s solo record As You Were dropped earlier this year, and Noel is busy with the High Flying Birds.

The latter is yet to publicly respond to the message, too. Besides, there may just be some lingering resentment over last year’s utterly bizarre potato-peeling incident.