It’s Been Two Years Since Flume Ate Ass Onstage At Burning Man & It Buttered All Of Our Rolls

Why anyone would even dream of trying to contextualise a story with a headline like the above is utterly beyond me. But much like the one he buried his face in, I’ll give it a red hot crack. Flume, world conquering-producer/your friend and mine/national hero, appeared on-stage during the notoriously bonkers Burning Man festival and, no word of a lie, ate ass.

He buried his goddamned face in a butt.

And it was caught on camera.

By his girlfriend.

Flume performed during the 2019 Burning Man festival, which takes place in the middle of a Nevada desert, over the past handful of days.

The story goes that during Flume’s set, a sign appeared in the crowd asking somewhat rhetorically “Does Flume even eat ass?

Being the generous and giving sort, Flume, mid-set, was apparently more than happy to oblige.

We cannot stress this enough: The following video contains footage of Flume quite clearly eating ass. That’s the entire video. There’s no tricks to it. He eats the ass. On-stage. During a DJ set.

Cause y’all asked so nicely…
by u/stainlesssteelgyoza in Flume

There’s some suggestion that posting the video online contravenes a fair chunk of the spirit of Burning Man, which traditionally keeps its more lascivious goings on self-contained, free from the prying eyes of the outside world.

That in itself explains why Flume’s girlfriend Paige Elkington – whose ass is allegedly the one receiving the eat – rather swiftly removed the video from her Instagram stories after posting it. Though certainly not before the wider internet got hold of it and preserved the clearly very special moment.

It’s better to give than to receive, friends.

At least Flume was in on the joke…