We Spoke To The Heroic Burning Man Punter Who Got Flume To Eat Ass Onstage

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

What a blessed day it has been. I hadn’t actually seen a headline involving the phrase “eating ass” since this classic a few years back. But then Aussie gem Flume gifted us all when a video surfaced of him noshing on bussy onstage at Burning Man, and suddenly “eating ass” was everywhere again.

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While marvelling at the video on Reddit, I noticed someone credited an Instagram user named @basspuppi with making the sign that prompted Flume to do the deed, by simply asking “Does Flume even eat ass?”.

So, being the budding Sherlock that I am, I messaged the account to get the story behind the sign – and was told to ask another user named @amborginimercy.

Credit: Instagram / @amborghinimercy

She was only too happy to explain the origin story of the sign, which was actually a whiteboard that they changed to feature different messages throughout the festival. Clever. Here’s what she had to say about the fateful note to Flume:

We made a white board totem because we thought it would be fun to write notes and heckle DJs because it’s Burning Man. Flume was an amazing sport, we didn’t just get him to eat ass, we also got him to take his shirt off, take a shot, motorboat his girlfriend and we even got the girls on the art car to have a twerk off. We had been using the whiteboard all week, but definitely got the best reaction from Flume. Everyone around us was loving the white board and also wrote him notes.

The video went viral after Flume’s girlfriend Paige Elkington posted it to her Instagram story with the caption “Sorry mom”, so it seems likely that she’s the owner of the ass in the video.

Credit: Instagram / @myfriendpaige

The lovely @amborginimercy also said that Diplo wasn’t as good a sport as our boy Flume, saying: “Diplo was no fun with the whiteboard… we did ask Minnesota but there were no ladies around him!” Sometime you just need an obliging gf for these things, right?

The sign-writer in question seems pretty pleased that her request went viral, so let’s hope she starts popping up at every celeb-studded festival in future so we can see other famous people do naughty things onstage.