As folks logged on this morning, blissfully unaware of what content was waiting for them, beamed in from the dusty playa of Burning Man, it’s been a true delight to watch as wave after wave of people notice, view, and appropriately react to Flume straight-up eating ass.

The video very much does what it says on the lid – someone at this year’s Burning Man held up a sign asking if the Australian producer “eats ass” (a fair enough query) and the 27-year-old responded by literally going anoos-to-mouth mid-way through a DJ set.

And it was captured and posted on his girlfriend Paige Elkington‘s Instagram, before being quickly removed, possibly because of Burning Man’s ethos of keeping shenanigans offline.

But, in true online form, the Internet never forgets – and will never be able to have that image un-seared from its retinas.

As the video, ahem, spread widely, the reactions of people a. finding out about who Flume is, and b. watching the aforementioned video, has birthed a beautiful microcosm of Online Existence.

So please, sit back on your own ass, and enjoy everyone’s response to Flume – our precious golden boy, national treasure, everyone’s mate – going to town on his girlfriend’s ring.

Not sure if there’s a more perfect picture to sum up his entire publicity team when they woke up on the other side of the world this morning.

Others are taking it all in as serious life inspo.

Others wondered why the Boy From Sydney gets special treatment when he publicly goes to town on his partner’s bussy.

Then there’s some that are just mad impressed at Flume’s whole-ass (lol) confidence.

And it’s caused others to remember definitely-real things that Flume and other Aussie producers did once that absolutely happened and isn’t fake at no sir.

And then, just…these gems.

God it’s a good day to be On The Web™. Lovely, blessed day.

Image: Getty Images / Josh Brasted