Ya Boi Flume & A Whole Stack Of Other Celebs Got Real Weird At Burning Man

Burning Man – the big, colourful festival in a constructed city in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada – has finished up for another year, closing off the celebrations with a big ol’ ceremonial burning last night.

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While mobile phone reception in the desert was actually so good as to almost defy the very principles of Burning Man, some people probably refrained from clogging up your Insta feeds with their whole free-spirited vibe. NOT NOW, it’s over, they can post whatever, wherever. They can straight up rub your noses in all their like newfound openmindedness/ascension to a higher plane of understanding of human existence. Casual, normal, radical stuff like that.

Our boi Flume is one of those very people, taking some time out in the desert after a couple cheeky stops in California at Three Rivers and Yosemite. Look at him, getting ready to lay down some tracks, all dressed up in an outfit that to my eyes looks FAR TOO WARM FOR US SUMMER.

In the picture you can see that he’s hanging out with his buddy Diplo, who also performed at the festival.

Apparently Elon Musk and his Boring Company gave Diplo a flamethrower!

Here’s another one of the fest’s musical acts, Skrillex who does not break his black fashion character, even for Burning Man.


Model Heidi Klum, 45, went and had a real loved-up time with her 29-year-old boyfriend, musician Tom Kaulitz.

Apparently Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill, both members of Tokio Hotel, a German electro-pop band, had their birthdays at Burning Man.

Artist, model, and daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, got amongst the lights.


Sister DJs Simi and Haze Khadra took some of the best shots of the festival, capturing both the strong style game of attendees and Burning Man’s weird knack for installation art.

Meanwhile Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev was well into the radical self-expression vibe, playing the role of stunna-in-the-desert

There’s plenty more pics geotagged with Black Rock City on Insty to creep on if you’re not sated by this round-up. Now to try not to imagine yourself just like letting go at next year’s event.