Stale Take: Dannii Minogue’s ‘This Is It’ Is Better Than Any Kylie Song And You Know I’m Right

dannii minogue this is it

Friends, allies, fellow Australians. There is something inside me that just needs to be said, and I will not rest until I say it. Dannii Minogue‘s ‘This Is It’ is better than pretty much every Kylie song. No, actually, it’s the best song to come out of Australia. There, I said it.

Look, don’t kill me. Put your spears away and hear me out, especially if you’re one of those gays who stans Kylie (of which I definitely am).

I love the Minogues as much as any queer, and I definitely don’t want to pit the sisters against each other when, in my opinion, they are both fkn brilliant. What I do want to do however is shine a light on how phenomenal ‘This Is It’ is, and how people often forget about it.

Before I enter into more discourse about this absolutely stunning bop, please have a watch of the video and listen to the song. In fact, just bask in its glory. Immerse yourself in its excellence.

Well, wasn’t that sheer bliss? Look at Dannii go. I am obsessed.

Now, personally, I believe ‘This Is It’ contains more exuberant joy than any other song to come out of Australia.

‘Wasabi’? It’s a fkn JAM, but it doesn’t exactly channel bliss. ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’? Very long title. Very huge bop. It brings a smile to my face because it slaps, but it isn’t exactly a happy song.

‘This Is It’ channels bopitude and happiness at such extreme levels, it’s almost impossible to not feel a serotonin overload when listening to the song. Unfortunately, it often gets swept under the rug compared to the multiple hits of Kylie.

Numerically speaking, Dannii has two astral bops under her sleeve, those being ‘Put The Needle On It’ and ‘This Is It’. Meanwhile, Kylie has an endless amount of jams at her disposal. The list goes on for days. You’d be hard-pressed to find a gay club that doesn’t play at least one of these jams throughout the night.

My point here is, due to the sheer amount of Kylie bops that exist, ‘This Is It’ is often forgotten. Left in the dust. Only the real ones know of its power.

It’s so flexible, that it was even used in my parents’ wedding video, which is my favourite music video I’ve ever seen in my life.

All I ask is that you consider putting it on more of your playlists. Friday jams. Chill vibes. Day driving. Night driving. Funeral jams. You get what I mean.

Let ‘This Is It’ into your life and let it change you. Come worship at the church that is Dannii Minogue. Believe in Dannii supremacy.