Kylie Minogue Has Just Dropped A New Track, So Chuck Up Your Disco Balls In Solidarity

Our lord and saviour Kylie Minogue heard our collective cries for sonic healing, subsequently blessing us with a new disco bop titled “Say Something”. And say something, I shall – it fucking slaps.

“Say Something” offers an immediate disco-synth eargasm, particularly when the beat comes in at the 10-second mark.

Me at my desk.

It’s no secret that synth-pop, disco realm has made a huge comeback this year (à la Doja Cat‘s “Say So” and Lady Gaga‘s “Stupid Love”), so Minogue’s contribution has come at a much-welcomed time.

“‘Cause love is love, it never ends… can we all be as one again?” Minogue croons in the final stages of the track. If this sentiment doesn’t immediately penetrate your heart with endorphins and have you chucking on a bit of silk like it’s ’69, I simply don’t know what will.

The girls and gays of the cyber web obviously had a lot to say about Minogue’s latest offering, praising the chanteuse for harkening back to a time of synth-pop, disco balls and flared pants. Here are some of the best reactions.

Her 15th studio album, aptly-named Disco, arrives November 6th. (15th, yes, 15th studio album…. We can’t help but stan a queen who stands the test of time.)

Stream “Say Something” by Ms Kylie Minogue below.

“Kylie has come to save 2020,” one fan commented on her Instagram. I tend to agree.

Disco is available for pre-order now. Time to boogie, fellow bitches.