Kylie & Dannii Minogue Did A Surprise Performance At WorldPride & I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Kylie Minogue

Icon, queen, mother: Kylie Minogue brought her sister and fellow icon Dannii Minogue on stage at the WorldPride opening ceremony for a performance of hit song All the Lovers, and it was the first time they’d performed together in eight years.

Performing at the first ever Sydney WorldPride (and first ever in the Southern Hemisphere), Kylie Minogue literally had the world spinning around over her sheer talent and magnetism. Of course, our lord and saviour opened her set with Spinning Around, moving onto other classics like Get Outta My Way, Light Years, Supernova, Your Disco Needs You, Slow, Love to Love You Baby, Can’t Get You Out My Head and finally All the Lovers where she brought Dannii on stage.

For this final performance, the sisters came out in matching blue and pink fishnet catsuits and looked stunning. Kylie and Dannii’s sisterly bond is so cute to see, and they both looked like they were having the best time ever.

Those lucky enough to be in the audience would’ve had the surprise of their lives, and you can even hear it in the background footage. Incredible.

This is bigger or at least on par with when Kylie Minogue appeared on Kath & Kim as Epponnee Rae as an adult.

Kylie Minogue
look at moiiiiii Sydney Pride.

It’s been eight years since Kylie and Dannii Minogue have performed together, the last time being in 2015 when they both appeared on X Factor. Before that, they’d only performed together in 2006 for Kylie’s Show Girl Tour and in 1986 during their Young Talent Time era.

Obviously both women have been very busy, with Kylie Minogue constantly performing, and Dannii with all her TV commitments — so it’s really great to see the two come together for an event as yugggee as WorldPride.

Of course, the party is not over and tomorrow the Oxford Street Mardi Gras parade is back tomorrow — after two years at the SCG due to COVID. Cannot fucking wait!!