Holy Shit, The 80s Are Back: Kylie And Dannii Doing First TV Gig In 30 Years

Their hair may be smaller, and their ensemble choices less reliant on head-to-toe sequins (#NeverForget), but goddamit, the Minogue sisters are getting back together for their first TV performance since 1986.
The reason behind all this? Kylie Minogue is trying to get a sweet, sweet taste of that Mariah Carey Christmas cash with her own holiday-themed album, Kylie Christmas, which came out last week.

Dannii features on a track called ‘100 Degrees’ – which is billed as a “disco Christmas classic”, because of course it is – and the two will perform it together on the X-Factor grand finale this Thursday. 

Q: Can you even?

A: No.
‘100 Degrees’ is a Donna Summer-inspired yueltide banger about how Kylie found it difficult to adapt to cold Christmases in the U.K. after being raised on hot ‘Strayan ones. Sayeth Dannii:
“There’s not enough party Christmas songs. Everyone has Christmas parties, but what music do you put on? This song is perfect for dancing to. And our X Factor performance is going to be all guns blazing. And by guns, I mean glitter guns. It’s going to be a very sparkly, very Minogue Christmas.”
In summary:
In case you missed it, the last time the pair performed on TV together was their ~iconic~ 1986 rendition of ‘Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves‘ on Young Talent Time. Gag on their eleganza:
via News Corp
Photo: Samir Hussein via Getty Images