Chris Brown Is Set To Tour Australia For Some Fuckin’ Reason

chris brown australia tour

Here’s some proof that cancel culture doesn’t exist: apparently Chris Brown is set to announce his first Australian tour since he plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna. Cool and normal stuff here, folks.

Per Daily Mail Australia, the disgraced singer is going to bring his “Under The Influence” tour to Australia and New Zealand towards the middle of next year.

It’ll be the first time he’s been allowed in the countries since his visa was denied in 2015 on character grounds. You know, for being a complete piece of shit who would dare lay hands on a woman and then blame her for it years later.

The same Chris Brown who was accused of assaulting another woman in Los Angeles in 2021. The same Chris Brown who was held in custody in Paris in 2019 over allegations he raped a woman in his hotel room. The same Chris Brown who had a restraining order out against him in 2018 for allegedly hitting and stalking a woman, a year after his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against him.

This incoming tour is yet to be officially announced but an industry insider told the Daily Mail that Brown has been working for the last few months to make sure he’s allowed to come Down Under to tour.

“He’s been wanting to come back to Australia for ages,” the source said.

“It’s all locked in and his visa is approved. He’s spent the past few months working with officials to make sure he is allowed in.”

Considering he’s had multiple allegations of abusive behaviour in the years since he was last barred from coming to Australia I gotta ask: what the fuck? Are we really this desperate for touring artists to come and visit that we’d be ok to let in someone like Chris Brown?

We’ll keep you updated on whether this tour will actually go ahead but considering Jordan Peterson was recently in town, it seems we’re just letting any old flog in these days.

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