Worst People In Aus Gather At Parliament House To See Worst Man On YouTube Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson — the bloke who went on a carnivorous diet and was banned from Twitter for gross transphobic posts about Elliott Page — has given a speech at Parliament House attended by Liberal, National and One Nation MPs. Glad to see these are the minds being platformed by the folks in power.

We have Queensland Senator and noted coal simp Matt Canavan to thank for Peterson’s presence at Parliament House.

Am I shocked? No.

In the audience was former Prime Minster Scott Morrison — back from one of his many global speeches I imagine — as well as Barnaby Joyce and more than a dozen others according to the Australian Financial Review. I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear Pauline Hanson was there too.

This sounds like the dinner party from fucking hell. I sure as fuck wouldn’t want Peterson cooking for me, considering he went on an all-beef diet back in 2018.

Jordan Peterson — an alleged philosopher — apparently waffled on about “woke moralists” and “woke messianism”. I wish I was joking.

“I started toying with the idea of developing a centralised vision that was contrary to the woke messianism that characterises modern times,” he said, per the AFR.

Just said you’ve read a thesaurus and go.

Does “woke messianism” really dominate modern times, Jordan, or are you just scared of people who have different ideas to you?

See another excerpt from his speech: “One of the big problems, psychologically speaking, is that the woke moralists have the moral upper hand”.

“They offer something like a messianic vision for young people and that’s actually developmentally appropriate.”

Me, a philosopher, putting the word “moral” in my sentence to make sure people know that I know what I’m talking about.

Perhaps it makes sense then that Scott Morrison shared this review of Peterson on Facebook.

“He makes a lot of sense,” Morrison wrote.

According to The Guardian — which was not allowed inside the room — Peterson’s speech also touched on the idea that climate policy and the energy crisis harms the working class. O….kay?

“If they [the left] have the opportunity to pick ‘save the planet or destroy capitalism’, they will instantly pick ‘destroy capitalism’,” Peterson said, per the AFR.

He claimed the left was willing to “sacrifice the poor” to destroy capitalism.

I do personally feel like the whole notion of destroying capitalism is to make the world a more equitable place and redistribute the wealth of immensely powerful organisations and individuals. Y’know, the people actively harming the planet?

But hey, I don’t have a YouTube channel — or a Parliament House invite — so what do I know!