Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Album Is Here And Folks, It Fucken Whips

It’s been a hot minute between drinks with Carly Rae Jepsen, but her fourth album Dedicated is finally here and hoo boy it absolutely whips. Folks, our girl CRJ is undeniably in love.

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Following up from 2015’s E*MO*TION was always going to be a solid task, and CRJ has definitely stepped up to the plate. If E*MO*TION was heralded as *the* pop album for 2015, then Dedicated is going to give 2019 a damn hard run for its money.

It’s a fun, experimental, and genre-defying album dripping with the sweetness of love and crushing, and sees CRJ exploring her dedication in every sense of the word; to herself, to her craft, and to her partner, British songwriter James Flannigan.

Dripfeeding singles from late last year with tracks like ‘Party For One‘, ‘No Drug Like Me‘, ‘Now That I Found You‘, we’ve now been blessed with the full meal of her fourth studio album, peppered with the singles that we’ve come to know and love (and get stuck in our heads on an infinite loop.)

Considering she’s narrowed it down from a rumoured 200 songs (!!!) to just 15 on the final listing is impressive, and good god I hope that means we cop a slick b-sides album in the future.

She explains in a recent profile with GQ Magazine that her process for narrowing it down was also nothing short of dedicated; including score boards, ranking systems, spreadsheets, and a huge listening party that turned into a heated debate “in the loveliest way.

Written with longtime collaborator Tavish Crowe as well as John HillCaptain Cuts and Jack AntonoffDedication is refreshing and 100% gives you that fizzy feeling in your ribcage like when you’ve got a massive crush and barely know what to do with yourself about it. I mean just take a listen to ‘He Needs Me‘ and tell me you don’t feel all giddy.

The album’s getting released in a few hours over in the US and her home country of Canada (and the rest of the world that’s behind us lucky ones here in Aus) and it’s looking like she’s pairing it with a video clip for latest single ‘Too Much‘ featuring a bunch of CRJ clones? Whatever, I’m into it.

Dedication is sure to keep us all warm over the cold winter months with its 80s pop-laden beats and whole mood that just makes you wanna dance until 3am – it’s what Carly Rae Jepsen does best, and I constantly thank her for her service.

Though I’m not sure if I can even match the level of Extreme Stoked-ness that this guy currently has:

Stream all of Dedicated below or find it over HERE, blow the fuck out of your speakers, and please Carly Rae Jepsen, COME TO AUSTRALIA ALREADY.