The most sacred week-ish of this entire godforsaken year has arrived: Carly Rae Jepsen week. It’s here, it’s happening, and as she’s literally just touched down in Sydney, we’ve also been blessed with a CRJ Tiny Desk Concert.

I fear this week cannot get any better.

Stepping in behind the desk at NPR’s New York offices, Carly rearranged three tracks from her latest album, Dedicated, reimagining them from shimmery, sugary disco jams into sunny little bops that nestled themselves in perfectly with all the trinkets behind Bob Boilen’s infamous desk.

Carly’s face never rests throughout the performance, either beaming like a kid in a candy store or exploring emotions and feelings, adding a perfect extra layer to her lyrics with a level of expression that you’d expect from an acting school alum.

It fits everything that I hope and dream Carly would be like live, and if anything it’s got me all razzed up for her debut shows in Australia over the next week.

She’s a real no-fuss, minimal-faff performer here, slamming through each of the songs with a small amount of banter and chat, but giving it 110% energy and radiating a genuine positivity in every note, every movement, and every second of this ten-minute gig.

Featuring stripped-back versions of ‘Now That I Found You’, ‘I Want You In My Room’, and ‘The Sound’, it does nothing but prove that a CRJ banger is suited for any and all occasion and mood. Ya welcome.

It’s brilliant and I’m going to watch it on repeat all week until I get to see her with my very own eyes in Melbourne.

Take a fast 10 to clock out of everything else and just soak in this one, folks. Carly Rae Jepsen is a very real ray of utter fucking sunshine and we absolutely do not deserve her.

Image: NPR / Mhari Shaw