Carly Rae Jepsen Fulfils Meme Prophecy By Accepting A Sword At Lollapalooza

While the internet is often used as a platform for hate and negativity, when used correctly it can bring us some profound moments like say, I dunno, maybe Carly Rae Jepsen finally receiving her freaking sword at Lollapalooza.

For those who don’t understand what the hell this means, here’s a quick little recap. Back in January, a Tumblr post titled “Petition to give Carly Rae Jepsen a sword” went viral. The post was written by Tumblr user @swordlesbianopinions who insisted that the singer be given a sword because “I like her, and I think she should have one.”

Fair call, aye.

From this one post, a bunch of other posts, petitions and fan art transpired in the hopes of Jepsen being gifted with a sword one day.

Fans ~finally~ had their wish granted at Lollapalooza on Saturday, August 4 as some legendary festival-goer rocked up with an inflatable sword and passed it up to the singer as she was performing.

The ‘Cut to the Feeling’ songstress shared an Instagram post about the blessed occasion including an illustration of her with a sword and captioned it:

“Thanks @ghostlygooberfor the artwork and thanks to you loves for the sword. Didn’t know I needed it. But I totally needed it. Just like to knight my fav people- that’s all.”

Naturally, the internet has been filled with a plethora of posts to honour the fulfilment of the prophecy.