Britney Spears May Not Return To The Stage Post-Conservatorship & It’s Fkn Hit Me, Baby

britney spears retirement after conservatorship

In news that just did it again to my heart, Britney Spears is reportedly not looking to get back to performing after her conservatorship ends.

According to TMZ – who has been pivotal in the whole #FreeBritney reporting, let’s be real – a source close to Britney said she doesn’t want to perform, and that’s been her thinking for a while now.

When he resigned back in July, Britney’s old manger Larry Rudolpsaid her plan to retire from performing was a big reason why he stepped away after working with her for 25 years. At the time of his resignation, Rudolph said that he and Britney hadn’t been in contact for two and a half years, after she had told him she wanted to “take an indefinite work hiatus”.

The reports of her not wanting to come back to the stage once her conservatorship is terminated – which could happen within the next month – are also reinforced by the fact she said she felt forced to perform under her father Jamie Spears throughout her 13-year conservatorship.

When she spoke to an open court about her conservatorship back in July, Britney claimed she was “forced” to do her 248-date Piece Of Me Las Vegas residency, and was threatened with legal action if she didn’t co-operate in dance rehearsals.

“When I said no to one dance move in rehearsals, it was as if I planted a huge bomb somewhere,” she said.

“Ma’am I’m not here to be anyone’s slave, I can say no to a dance move.”

She’s also previously refused to perform until her father was removed as a conservator of her financial estate, or had any control over her whatsoever. Britney shared this sentiment in an Instagram post in July, where she also said the conservatorship had killed her dreams.

Jamie Spears was removed as the conservator of Britney’s finances and estate at the end of September, effective immediately, so it’s all eyes on her in the centre of the ring to see if she decides to ever get back to performing. Or maybe the show will simply go on through her Instagram videos.

Either way, we support and we stan.