After unsuccessfully trying to get her father  removed from her conservatorship in AugustBritney Spears has filed court papers again this week in an attempt to have James ‘Jamie’ Spears removed as her co-conservator, effective immediately.

As reported by Billboard, Britney’s court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham filed the papers on November 3, which stated that Britney would be subject to “loss and injury” if James were to remain on her conservatorship any longer.

Her second attempt to have James dismissed from her conservatorship comes as her father’s lawyer sent Britney a letter informing her that her business manager quit without notice and was allegedly replaced by her father without her knowing. Britney’s lawyers allege that she has not been given any information on the new manager’s employment or even how much they’re being paid.

TMZ also reported that Britney apparently views this as a way for her father to continue gatekeeping her, and “retain full functional control of her assets, books and records.”

With her renewed attempt at having James removed immediately, Britney is also asking Judge Brenda Kelly to appoint the private, independent family office Bessemer Trust Company to replace him, and a neutral accounting firm to take over her books and accounts.

A hearing for this renewed attempt at removing James Spears is set for November 10, where it will be determined if Britney’s requests around her are granted.

At the time of writing, neither Britney nor James have publicly commented on the new court filings. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes to hand.

Image: Getty Images / Steve Granitz