FKN FINALLY: Jamie Spears Has Been Removed As Britney’s Conservator, Effective Immediately

Britney Spears conservatorship

An absolutely good fucking morning to you all and especially Miss Britney Spears, whose father has been reportedly removed from her conservatorship.

That’s right folks, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has been suspended as her conservator, effective immediately.

Our girl is finally free and can go off and live her life as she deserves to without her father’s approval or say in the matter. It’s been a long and strenuous battle for Spears to cut her father off from her life and to get some control back, so this is huge fkn news.

It’s unclear whether Spears’ conservatorship has been suspended, too, or if only her father has been removed from it.

Earlier today, the beloved pop princess appeared in an LA court once again to fight for her father to be removed from her conservatorship, giving her back full control of her life and money after over a decade.

Britney officially filed for her father to be removed from her conservatorship back in July, following months of Instagram rants about her father and sister Jamie-Lynn Spears, and media investigations into their relationship of the last ten years.

The court’s decision today comes in light of two new scathing documentaries on Britney Spears’ conservatorship and after her father filed to terminate it just a few weeks ago.

In a report by TMZ at the time, court documents read: “This Court has recognised that Ms. Spears has both the capacity and capability to identify, engage, and instruct counsel of her own choice, on her own, without the assistance of the Conservator or the Court.

“If Ms. Spears has the capability to engage counsel on her own, she presumably has the capacity to handle other contractual and business matters.”

After this, it seems like things are looking up, up, and up for our “Lucky” queen. Earlier this month, Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari announced they’re engaged after they were papped shopping for wedding rings.